Wednesday, November 11, 2009

elbowing in, elbowing out

I pick out in the middle
errant threads from that sweater sleeve
you look back into that story

without any end
you get lost in it, pulling at the seams
elbow peeps out, dry and rough

I hanker for the warmth
and arbitarily look out for signals
the sun warms your face

"my face gets murkier"


anthonynorth said...

An interesting image in this one.

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

This certainly makes you think. And that's a good thing. Always a pleasure to see what you do with the prompt.

sage said...

Your poetry, like this poem, seems to often have deep, multiple layers. Good job.

Sandra.if said...

so vivid circumstance..!

PS the Pratsie said...

m in love with your imaginations !!

b said...

I am finally learning how to read these...the are so ephemeral that if I stop in different place the meaning changes altogether. I may learn yet!

Thank you.


Amity said...

great job Gautami, your forte (oetry writing) is really hard for me to understand!


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I like the image of picking at the threads and seams of an endless story and finding not enlightenment but more confusion.

mark said...


lissa said...

strangely appealing, I think it's like a scene of a memory that's not quite clear. I think we can interpret it in our own way but "my face gets murkier" sounds like the narrator is staying inside her comfort zone but wanting to leave but can't

Tumblewords: said...

Murky works so well with memory threads. Nice write!

Jeeves said...

Lovely as always

Jeeves said...

How do you manage to write so well. The last lines you write is my fav always

Sepiru Chris said...

I am so with Ann, on this one, Gautami. Sorry to be doing my reading, and commenting, so late, too (eep! one week after the 3WW prompts went up!).

But, reading your poems is always fun and your images always leave me pondering. Even if I come late... and I know that your words last. Usually long after I read them, too.

I have to admit that the very last line of this poem has me perplexed, this time. I don't fully see where it joins in with the rest. At the seam? Hmm.

It doesn't flow, for me, as seamlessly as the rest.

But, that's me, and that's all OK, 'cause it is always so much fun to play in the images which you produce and then are kind enought to share with us all.

Thanks, although usually unsaid, for all these gifts you keep offering the world. It is always a treat, and every time I come through I wonder why I haven't made more time to come visit more often.

You rock the internet, Gautami.

Rock on.

(With that, I rock out.)