Thursday, March 13, 2008

animal instinct

there was nothing she could do
other than wait
she was hungry and tired
job was a job
she was the best one for it
it only entailed watching over
she kept the rabble away
all alone in the still of night
she couldn't take it any longer
and slumped on the floor
flopping almost
when the key turned
she was alert in an instant
however slacking soon after
she recognised it was him
no need to worry
heard him open up a fizzy drink
when she sauntered towards him
with soulful eyes, freckled face
asking for food and warmth
a knife pierced through her neck
(before she could react)
killed by her own master
her fur bloody, she lay dead.
her animal instincts gone awry

he had barely tolerated her existence-
hating her devotion for his sylph-like wife
and after she, her mistress left him,
he had no further need of her-
irrespective of suasion


lissa 07 said...

I did not see the knife coming. irrespective. you know how to tell a story.

lissa 07 said...

oops, I screw up my comment. I don't know how that word (irrespective) got in there. Please just ignore it. thanks.

poefusion said...

Hello Guatami and welcome back. You've used suasion correctly. I think your poem is really good. Vivid, sad and a bit dark but, good. Thanks for sharing your poetry with the rest of us. You are very talented. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Guatami, what a powerful and disturbing piece. You have a wonderful way with words.

Anonymous said...

I admire how easily you wrap us around a concept and then yank it away. This is so chilling. And very, very well done!

Anonymous said...

It is good :).

Romeo Morningwood said...

have you gone over to the dark side?

I love how you caught me off guard and then let my little broken heart swirl around the drain.

This guy has some deep issues to be resolved. Taking it out on the cat won't bring her back buddy! I'm assuming that it's a cat but it could be one of those poncy, little, lapdogs.

This is exactly what Disney did to all of us in the us the noble, loyal, altruistic, family pet and then kill it!

Not one of my children will ever get to watch Old Yeller..EVER!

Jane Doe said...

What a great poem, I did not expect the knife, it was a great twist. I always love reading your work, you are a great writer. Hope you have a good weekend.


Tumblewords: said...

A twist of knife - a well done surprise. Nice!

gautami tripathy said...

Lissa: it's ok. Don't worry.

michelle: I somehow thought suasion was out of place. These are great words and I loved writing this. Thanks!

keith, jc, tumblewords,noah, jane doe: thanks! I like twisted tails!

donn: that means, you have not been keeping abreast with my poetry. I write a lot of dark poetry. I suppose, you read only the philosophical ones.

When I wrote it, I was thinking of a dog. but a cat works just fine!

Anonymous said...

Bad man...good poem. I like it very much

M as in Mint said...

Aaww!! Why couldn't he have just let her go?!! Why kill her!! Story well built though, as always! And, thanks for coming by, Gautami! :)

P said...

Wow, like so many others I did not expect that - really taken by surprise there!

I don't know what would have been crueler, the killing or abandoning the (cat?) somewhere. Although I can never understand how anyone can be cruel to animals, especially not when using it as a means to hurt someone else.

Anonymous said...

You wrote it with amazing clarity and skill, Gautami, though I would have preferred not to have read the ending, but then I avoid all gruesome visuals that I can.

little wing writer said...

oh, that was very very good g!!.. having a dog i wanna cry b/c you described her so well.. love stinks sometimes...