Saturday, May 09, 2009

cat story

there was a piercing pain
everything went blank
when I came around
I found myself sprawled
on that cold earth,
in a bloody mess
my dignity in shreds
(arrow still stuck in my chest)

was I seeing things?
cat wearing a sweater
with four booties?
unblinking yellow eyes
staring at me
purring sensually
it darted towards me
and pulled out the arrow

(I cried out with pain)
in no time it licked it clean
that forked tongue
was a dead giveaway
when it talked back
I was doubly sure
my long lost demon
had come back to me

he shed his sweater
showed me his hairless form
a magic gone wrong
he gotta live with it
a faery gave him a sweater
and knitted him booties
first I laughed
then I hugged him

as a vampire myself
I had no complaints
I felt a happy tingle
went into a trance
when my cat bit hard
blood dried itself out,
both our powers had returned
healing my wounds


Linda Jacobs said...

Crazy and great! I love how you Put the part about the arrow in parentheses! Very cool!

deathsweep said...

Very imaginative! I liked it.

Beth P. said...

thank god for the cat who bites the hand that feeds it.

Enjoyed your daemon....

anthonynorth said...

An intriguing fantasy.

linda may said...

Weird poem, I like it.

when the musics over said...

This is kin to some of the psychedelic verses Jimi Hendrix wrote. Full of voodoo magic. While the arrow was not for the cat. The image arose a memory of cat I owned who was shot with an arrow by a neighborhood delinquent. Marvelous poetry, Gautami.

Janice Thomson said...

You are a true poet Guatami - your endeavors cover many genres of poetry. What a treat to read you.

Jennifer Hicks said...

this is beautiful. you are so skilled.

Whitesnake said...

Vet well put together

floreta said...

good manna energy!

Anonymous said...

Well very imaginative!!! was kinda cute and weird and new!!enjoyed reading it.

keith said...

Great. What on earth made you think of it!?

Rosey said...

This explains a lot!

Tammy Brierly said...

Very cool Tami and creative.

poefusion said...

What a delightful read. I feel as though this could be lengthened out into a piece of fiction. Well done. Have a nice night.

irenet said...

Very imaginative!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

'when my cat bit hard
blood dried itself out,
both our powers had returned
healing my wounds'

Wonder-filled poem, with such a great ending.

danni said...

a very unique take on the prompt - great talent for imagination and verse!!!

Tumblewords: said...

Wow - great tension, fantasy and imagery - hooked from the first line...

Beth Camp said...

This was a fun fantasy, so different from your usual writings. I enjoyed every bit and laughed at the happy resolution. Cats to vampires!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Oh Tami, this is super. Wow you have some imagination. Just loved. Well done my friend.


Dee Martin said...

I could actually visualize this as it unfolded - wonderful!!

Jenn Jilks said...

This is a hoot! I love it.

Lion-ess said...

vampiric, fantasy poetry!!
lOVE lOVE... first time on your blog and I'm really looking forward to reading your poems.
Thanks for sending me your link!