Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blog Award--A Roar for Powerful Words

'A Roar for Powerful Words' award was started by Seamus. Canterbury Soul of door left open has bestowed upon me this award here.

The three reasons c.s. listed for awarding this are:

1. the ability to hook - there are writers who are capable of using the right words and arranging them in the right order in the right structure to generate in readers an addiction.
has bestowed upon me this award

2. imagery skill - there are those who are so good at creating images with words that it makes you wonder if they already knew how to write when they were still in their mothers’ wombs.

3. the ‘wow’ factor - then there are people who, through their words and stories, just simply ‘wow’ you. it’s like the moment you start reading, you ‘wow’. halfway through your reading, you ‘wow’. at the end of the reading, you ‘wow’. as you think about what you have read, you just ‘wow’, ‘wow’ and ‘wow’.

I thank him for this award.

Before I choose five bloggers, I too must state three reasons for awarding this.

1) Impact: Some people have that ability to get across what they want to say in a a forceful manner. Thet can do it with flourish and unintentionally.

2) Beauty: A few have the ability to create beauty in our minds with their sheer use of language. Their words have eloquence.

3) Hooking factor: Then there are those who keep you hooked for more. You want to go on reading their posts.

Taking all those into account, now I present this award to the following, in alphabetical order. I know, I selected 7 instead of 5!

Don Iannone
paris parfait/tara

So friends, go ahead and proudly display this award on your blogs!


Steve said...

An Award that you are so worthy of.

Bobkat said...

Thanks for perseving with your computer and coming to visit me. I had already been skipped twice on the M&G already!

Congratulations on the award.

grumplestiltskin said...

congratulations - long may you continue to "roar"
thank you for suggesting me (blush)
i'll be back to posting in a week or two

gP said...

congratulations! you trully deserve it and many more to come. Visiting ur links now.

Don Iannone, D. Div., M.Div., MA said...

Gautami: Congratulations on your award. Very well deserved. You have great heart and talent as a poet....

and thank you for suggesting me as this honro. You are so very kind.

paris parfait said...

Oh, Guatami, congratulations for your well-deserved award! And thank you so much for the lovely honour of bestowing one on me as well! Wow!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I agree with this completely:
'It makes you wonder if they already knew how to write when they were still in their mothers’ wombs.'

You are that kind of writer, Guatami. Congratulations on your Roar Award!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gautami for the award. I hope I can live up to the standards that you and other writers continue to set.

S. Kearney said...

Congratulations! Very well deserved. I look forward to checking out your list of recipients! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow Guatami--somehow my comments aren't coming to me

You are very worthy of this award. Me, thank you, but truly don't feel worthy

polona said...

you certainly deserve this award and i thank you for bestowing it to me although i don't know what to do with it :)