Friday, November 02, 2007

out of nothing--[Fiction] Friday

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for November, 2 2007:

Have a character explain an odd hobby they practice.

sequins lined the pouch in her hands
her deft fingers had sewed those with meticulous care
beads so classically matched, no blemish anywhere
unseen threads enhanced the velvet sheen,
resplendent to the beholder.
pearl buttons peeped out of nowhere
enhancing the beauty.

she turned it this way and that
proud of her accomplishments
why was no one looking her way
ignoring what she displayed with so much pride?

she had the ability to conjure up images for herself

where none existed;
a hobby of hers.


Crafty Green Poet said...

clever idea there.

Ther said...

nice gautami. i wonder if anyone out there is like her.

Anonymous said...

Your character and I have something in common, which is probably why I turned to writing in the first place. I want people to be able to share in my "hobby".

Anonymous said...

Hi Gautami, thanks for the visit. I haven't been feeling well since we got back and have been busy at work. I should be shipping out your copy of 'Real Magic' within three weeks.

I love the ending of the poem, it makes us reevaluate the entire poem. What did we see?

Have a great weekend, I'll keep in touch.

Borut said...

I like it. This is of the essence of magic: being able to uphold one's dream images by sheer intent...

paisley said...

i know the feeling.. sometimes i just put so much effort into something,, and no one seems to notice how spectacular it is... but me...

polona said...

cracking last lines!

writerwoman said...

Love the last few lines. Overall it is a very strong poem. I felt like I could see perfectly that woman.