Thursday, November 22, 2007

school memories----Totally Optional Prompts

sorting through my papers, I find my lost diaries-
leaving my work I flick through yellowing pages,
smiling at my jottings in my foolish teenage years.

I despaired over balancing equations, chemistry
for a long time remained a mystery. newton’s law
of motions set about whirled locomotion of mind.

dissecting earthworms was not my idea of biology;
probability in mathematics toned down my stability.
sanskrit was a mumbo-jumbo, eating in class with

a novel was the best combo. english literature was
a point in case. all through school, it saved my face
writing for it was a cakewalk. I could remember all

by a lark. sports were a big highlight. with that under
my belt, I had no worries about diet. yoga kept my
mind, body in perfect form. slogging for studies was

usual norm. my ancient journals took me back in time.
as i started to flip more pages, suddenly bell chimed
jolting me to present. despite my pains, I had done well

stronger in sciences, mathematics, languages. thanking
my alma mater for making me what I am, meticulously
retying journals, putting aside, I went to work at hand.

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flleenie said...

School memories are definitely a trip. And for me, right now, thank goodness, school memories are a "good" trip! WWWWOOOO HHHOOOO!

Andy Sewina said...

Ahh, memories! the stuff of dreams - there are lots of mind jogging phrases here - so thought provoking!

kenju said...

I didn't keep a journal while I was in school, and I envy you the ability to go back and capture some of your younger years through your writings. It must be a great insight into the person you have become. Michele sent me.

Jerry in Tampa said...

Love your insights - awesome stuff!! When I think back about my college days, I often wonder how I survived!!! LOL....

Keep up the GREAT blog!

Michele sent me and I will be back!


Jerry in Tampa

Jo said...

A lovely piece, Gautami.

Bobkat said...

That definitely take me back too. Very evocative! I cna remember doing the same thing a while ago and you captured the thoughts and feelings very well.

Michele sent me over to say hi!

gemma said...

Michelle sent me and I am so glad she did. I kept journals as well and I get lost in them too. It really does make me believe in time travel when I sit with one.

carmilevy said...

Hi Gautami. Popped in from Michele's this morning: I didn't forget you! My Internet connections been flaky today. Probably because of this big winter storm we're having. Thanks for your patience.

You've reminded me that it's time to look through my old shoebox where I keep my journals from childhood. I wonder what my old words will teach me now.

Thanks for taking me back!

BreadBox said...

Thanks for sharing the school memories, Gautami --- I don't have the old diaries to bring them back quite so clearly!

Michele sent me this time,

Anonymous said...

The words of the past linked to the present and the you who was she yet has become more and different than any word could ever have captured in the lines of a distant notebook.



Pat said...

I have just been nosing through musty old books in th attic looking up a particular period of my life. A bit painful and very time consuming. Alas I can't write poetry.
I'm in the middle of 'Arranged Marriage' by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and finding it very absorbing. I wonder if you know it?
Michele sends her best.

Romeo Morningwood said...

I loved the socializing aspect of High School..wasn't that interested in the actual courses. Had a lot of trouble focussing and paying attention, can you believe that?
I liked History and English..
could not understand Math, still can't..oh yeah, loved Physiology and Anatomy..
but I spent too far too much time studying Anatomy instead of doing my homework.
Still managed to win the most inspirational student award in my senior year...somehow?

MaR said...

This was very lovely, how wonderful to be so talented to put that in words!!
Michele sent me this fine morning :)

grumplestiltskin said...

too true
english was the only subjest i ever paid attention to
(too busy being troublesome in the other subjects) :)

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Nice memory trip, indeed. I sure wish I kept a journal back then.
Mad Kane

polona said...

oh those school years were not my favourite time. too many other things that distracted me from following class...
but you did well!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a topic to set the mind racing. My high school memories are warmer and fuzzier, my college memories richer and more intricate. Anyone else have an opinion on which time was better, as I see people arguing about at places like I think it's about different kinds of fun: high school more innocent (though still racy), college more worldly. What do you think?