Wednesday, November 21, 2007

feeding demon

Somedays, one just keeps feeling hungry! Hence I had to write this silly piece! Whirling Dervish has tagged me about favourite kitchens or culinary disasters. I will do it soon enough. As of now, hunger disaster!

hungry, I searched for food-
found nothing, only fruits.
bit into a succulent apple,
juices spurted on my chin.
grapes waiting to be eaten,
I chewed on a few. peeling
papaya, I cut into squares-
mixed with bananas, I
squeezed a lemon. eating
all, I satisfied hunger demon.


polona said...

fruits are a great way to satisfy hunger and this poem is very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are still hungry Gautami. :)



gP said...

ok...eating all that at one time will give me a headache! :p And apple somehow, eaten with an empty stomach gives me migrain.

Jo said...

Sounds yum....

Jodi Cleghorn said...

Incredibly healthy - my demons are demanding chocolate at the moment - despite all the beautiful stone fruit sitting in the fruit basket.

Here via Michele but waiting on Fiction Friday to return again :)

Anonymous said...

That was a healthy demon! :)

Michele sent me!

Anonymous said...

Yummy. I think this is the second fruit poem I have read of yours. Very juicy and tasty poem. I am looking forward to all the food poems from Readwriteprompting. I won't have to eat for a week, yayay.

carmilevy said...

Short and sweet (sorry, couldn't resist!)

The question is, what are you hungry for? And what will satiate it?

I get the sense that your hunger for knowledge is never-ending. Which is why you're so delightful to read and to know.

Michele sent me back. Hope you're having a great class!

Whirling Dervish said...


Glad to see you bit into the prompt--and it will work so well for this week's RWP prompt, too! I only wish my demons were as healthy as yours... :) Mine usually crave cheese. Lots and Lots of it.

sister AE said...

I find this intriguing. The search "found nothing, only fruits" as though fruits were not going to be enough - yet, after the feasting, the hunger was satisfied after all.

I hear in this a caution that we sometimes self-censor ourselves out of what might be "just the thing" that we need.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'm often surprised how well fruits can satisfy hunger, specially banana

aMus said...

that was 'fruitful' :)