Friday, November 09, 2007

wired electronically ----[Fiction] Friday

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for November, 9 2007:
Your character met their love in a unique way. How?

in the silence in my room
the methodical deliberation of fingers
on keyboard,
compile the tacit exchange between you and me,
soundlessly beating across a net of stars and dreams,
meeting you in my half-comatose slumber
in a place that only sort of exists.
i glimpse through the window,
not your countenance,
but the words i would verbalize
if you were truly here.

mere text only simplifies the emotion
complicating mood making me speechless.
no matter how infuriated,
sound of my fingers on the keys,
try to convey everything,
and hide it too all at the same time.
i stop, realizing
our friendship is my weakness,
to be fully frank with you.
however, it cannot be more than this.
across this electronic chasm.


Jodi Cleghorn said...

This pokes me in nostalgic places that have been rather poked and bruised this year ...

... ahh the freedom and the fettering that the internet brings friends who will or will not be lovers. Beautiful poem!

Romeo Morningwood said...

Brilliant and captivating.

Once upon a time I too found solace amidst the tinkling of ivories, the pounding of skins, and the crashing of cymbals. Music would transport me far away from the tribulations of life.

No wonder 90% of the music that we hear is about love, both the heartache and the happiness.

polona said...

wow, that is a great poem, in tune with the modern age!

~willow~ said...

i can very much relate to meeting/communicating through instant messaging. But making it into a poem? That's all you! Well done :-)

Anonymous said...

This strikes a chord with me, since Mr. Muse and I met, almost 11 years ago, in a chat room, about comic books. The innocent days of the internet didn't last long.

P said...

Brilliant. You've caught exactly that horrible wonderful feeling of being caught between friendship and love.

Shephard said...

I figured it was an older Coke ad by how young Hrithik looks. :) I wish our ads were that fun.

Don Iannone, D. Div., M.Div., MA said...

Nicely done, Gautami. Love, that eternal tapping at our heart.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's what it feels like when you meet someone in a chat room.

Anonymous said...

It's strange how you can be friends with people you've never met but yet there always seem to be some kind of connection.

You express the emotions very well. "soundlessly beating across a net of stars and dreams" - what a great line.