Friday, November 23, 2007

family moments----Fiction Friday

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for November, 23 2007: Reveal something about your character by telling about one of their Thanksgivings--it can be present, past, or even backstory (if your setting doesn't include Thanksgiving, make it a similar family-oriented holiday).

festive occasion-
family descended in hoards
famished for food.
hugs, cheers spread like fire,
moments recollected
about long separated years.
changes brought forth
over those period of time
too were discussed.
eating, drinking lasted forever,
soon came, time to
go our own way to real world.
all were so miserable
nevertheless, much refreshed.

**We meet like this every year on the eve of Diwali.


Bobkat said...

I love the sense of closeness from this. For me it speaks of Christmas as we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but it could apply to any such occasion.

Michele sent me over to say hi again :)

Jodi Cleghorn said...

This reminds me of the good cheer that I felt during christmas when I was a kid ... now family gatherings are difficult ... if only to go back and have the simplicity of a kid (a lesson to learn perhaps)

Thanks for sharing xxxx

Anonymous said...

Well done capture of the moments of family celebrations. All the drama, distiled into a brief day.

Have fun reading. ;)



Anonymous said...

Another entry well written. I understand all too well the sentiments captured here.

Kai said...


Smiler said...

Lovely. I love how you create a story and a mood out of a few well chosen words. That is a gift.

Anonymous said...

So much said in so few words. What a talent. Wish I could do that. I tend to be too verbose.

polona said...

well done again, gautami!