Monday, November 05, 2007

sociology is no cakewalk----Monday Poetry Train

day in day out, struggling to educate those for their dignity
in the present, why am I being judged for past demeanours-
meanwhile I try to right, mess left by my long gone ancestors.

deep seated, grained, it is not easy as a few think otherwise.
one needs to live and see for oneself to comprehend it fully.
silence does not mean apathy. study of sociology is not a

cakewalk, believe me. asking questions is useless. taking
the task head on helps, however horrid, is a way with those
who know, what works. wind might seem to drift initially

in wrong direction. changes are taking place and in a fast pace.
nevertheless, expecting overnight miracles is not practical.
do not think, do not dwell but go ahead and do it, is my motto!

In the Hindu Hierarchy, caste system still plays a role. How and why it came about is not fully comprehended even by me. It is not as easy to understand it as a few seem to think. The hated concept of Untouchability is something which is abhored by any enlightened Indian. I do accept that it is very much there and education is the only way to uplift. Our political leaders encourage casteism as it gets them vote banks. Most who really work for the upliftment of the so called lower castes, seldom speak out either way as it is a very volatile situation.

Whatever said and done, it is not easy to wish for overnight changes for what has been going on for 5000 years. We, the present Indians, are no way responsible for what our ancestors did.
We can only try our best to set it right. However, we have made progress in the last 60 years, after Independence. Believe me, we are doing it. Not that I owe anyone any explanations. I had to write this as my reluctance to speak out, was taken for apathy...


Rhian said...

wonderful and very true. Society has an easy time pointing fingers doesn't it? You're right, revolutionizing 5000 years of thinking isn't going to happen overnight. But it's dialogue like yours that keeps that ball rolling steadily forward.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

'do not think, do not dwell but go ahead and do it'

I applaud you for everything you do, both in examining the past and in forging new ground for the future.

Lisa Andel said...

I can't help but think of the butterfly. "A butterfly flutters its wings in one part of the world and eventually causes a hurricane in another."

Small actions, no matter how futile they seem at the time, can cause great change.

poefusion said...

Words and actions say it best. And, I think you shouldn't have to pay for your ancestors wrongs. Keep voicing your side of things and something might come of it somewhere down the road.


Kai said...

i like it.

Sparky Duck said...

wonderful sharing. The caste system has been one thing that has confused me no end about Hindu. Reincarnation is supposed to give u a fresh start

Anne D said...

Wonderful words, Gautami.

So applicable to other societies, not just in India. Society in India has always struck me as so complex, yet in a way simple. But then isn't that the way things sometimes are -- even what might appear simple is damn complex.

Anonymous said...

Well done, as usual. I think it is human nature to resist change and move forward. Must be fear of the unknown.

Steve said...

Understanding someones view, works both ways not just one.
To understand you, You have to understand me.

I have learnt a valuable lesson here.

Jill said...

I really like post like that!!
India cas, is I guess, what prove that even if a democraty is implanted(It is the type of political system that you have??) the old habbit, classes, still predominate... (Thank for the popular culture post)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Reticence to speak out is mistaken for apathy??? Not by me, that's for sure!

Don't let people shove you into those sorts of judgments. Stay true to yourself and the people who get it will be able to tell by your actions that you're not apathetic. The rest... who cares??

(I know, not so easy to practice that who cares bit, but we can and should try.)