Saturday, September 04, 2010

ode to shoes

Starting with this, I will write an ode to anything or everything I can think of. Of course I won't be able to get anywhere near Pablo Neruda's odes but I can try, can't I?

my red canvas shoes
white borders
red laces
white laces
which to choose
perfect fit
contrasts with white outfit
matches the red dresses
to the hilt
loves my toes
toes love it too
ankles like its warmth
rubber soles
kiss the roads
spiritually reverent
each day is a breakthrough
for those shoes
my red canvas shoes

"they touch the elements, revelations don't come amiss"


Update@ 09/05/2010, 10:43 AM: Added a photo!



Mary said...

How neat that you have different colored laces for these shoes you have now immortalized with this poem!

Ramesh Sood said...

spiritually reverent
each day is a breakthrough
for those shoes
my red canvas shoes

A different world altogether this, Gautami..liked it..

Elizabeth said...

This is such a happy poem. I love the idea of red shoes. Had a pair, once but they were sort of sparkly and reminded me of Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz. I wore them for my daughter's wedding and danced a lot. And your poem makes me think of happy dancing feet. Love the quote on the end,


sage said...

reading this brought a smile to my face ;)

Diane T said...

I love the way this is written... I have an ode to shoes, too, but flip flops, LOL. I trust these weren't shoes you were wearing the other day. I agree with Elizabethl your feet sound like they want to dance! An exquisite metaphor for you!

anthonynorth said...

Great whimsical offering.

flaubert said...

Gautami, I too just love shoes and this fun poem!

Harshad Mehta said...

Touched elements. Light & deep.

Gemma Wiseman said...

There is a touch of a child's wonder in this moment! A touch of being in the moment of choices and all other worldly demands seem irrelevant! A beautiful, happy poem!

Vinay Leo R. said...

haha :) what a nice choice poem :D simple n fun to read..!


Anonymous said...

Gautami, this is great fun. There's something special about red shoes - I gravitate towards them automatically in shops even though I have a cupboard full of them, mostly so well-worn as to be thrown out, but I can't bear to part with them.

Weasel said...

Interesting! Wonderfully written ode!


Sandra.if said...

rubber soles kiss the roads...lovely!

mareymercy said...

rubber soles
kiss the roads

Love it! A great ode to shoes!

Anonymous said...

Always a safe step ahead for you !
Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

daily athens

SandyCarlson said...

You have me thinking about red as the color of reverence and celebration. Our life blood flows in time with this joy. Beautiful poem.

RiikaInfinityy said...

Amazing words and so fun to read!:D Red is one of my favorite color=3

Christine said...

Love this ode to fun and playful shoes! Nice work.

Patti said...

Love red shoes- any kind will do- red screams "fun" Cute Ode- nicely done~

Tumblewords: said...

Fine ode to a fun-loving pair of reds!

Tammie Lee said...

so much appreciation in your poem, fun.

Geraldine said...

What a fun choice you've made here, I love your shoes!

Suko said...

Red shoes
The angels want to wear
My red shoes

~from a song by Elvis Costello

Fun post! :)

Tilly Bud said...

Love the fun you had with this.

Carlos Gesmundo said...

Isn't it so liberating to know we have options to choose from? Others have no shoes... others have no feet...

Thanks for visiting my place, Gautami.

Jim said...

A nice fun poem, Tami. You hit most of the attributes of those shoes.
I have a pair of OLD shoes (several for that matter) I could write about.

Amanda Moore said...

very cute, I have the same shoes but they are not red, I may have to devise and ode myself *wink* for they may feel slighted!

Mr. Walker said...

It's great. Would you mind me sharing this poem with my students when I ask them to write an ode? I'd love to pair it with Gary Soto's "Ode to Pablo's Shoes".

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