Friday, December 07, 2007

transient-----Fiction Friday/Friday 5

Your evil villain wants to rule the world. Write about her (or his) reasons.

Friday 5 has the following words. I combine both.


absorbed in music wafting from piano
played by her reclusive notorious neighbour,

she spatters mustard seeds in oil, adds cut
vegetables, stirring to the tunes of Beethoven.

thin line between practical life merges with
transient one. moat separating minds has to

taken down, leaving it unfastened for winds
of change. her past is a closed chapter, gone

forever to be forgotten like any bad dream.
wanting to rule the world, she had changed

her direction after landing up in a tranquil
place. vast wasteland soothed frayed edges.

pulling out loosened elastic out of pyjamas,
she puts another, stitching it meticulously.

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paisley said...

i feel in many ways your evil villain is me,,, gone are all the feelings of domination or supremacy,, and left now,, in elastic waited pajamas,, in a tranquil place,,, i await the winds of change... this was lovely ... just lovely.....

Sandy said...

I throughly enjoyed the read...very well done.

poefusion said...

Your poem is simply beautiful. Sometimes to forget our past is a blessing. I used to wonder if I would ever land in a more tranquil place before I met John. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Like Paisely I somehow feel that your evil villain is me... lost were the dreams of granduer... but a new chapter in my life seems to indicate they may return... if these damned final exams don't kill me first.

Nicely done, Gautami.

lissa 07 said...

I like the last part -pulling out loosened elastic out of pyjamas,
she puts another, stitching it meticulously.

She seem like a mother who had lived out her life and now had settle into a comfortable place in her life but not before going through some rough patches.

Beaman said...

Hello! I've tagged you for a meme. ;)

Tumblewords: said...

stirring to the tunes of Beethoven - draws the line, I think...marks the borders in a lovely way.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Lovely job! Well done!
Mad Kane

gP said...

interesting...a determination into world domination, compared to mindless genocides... nice.

I dont have the Open Id Function yet...

rashbre said...

I like the touch about elastic, a kind of metaphor in the story about the tension of crossing the 'moat'. Very good.

I'm glad Michele sent me this way to say "hello" today!


P said...

I love your ability to combine memes gautami!

An evil villain who has given up on their villainy for a life of domestication? Happens to us all in the end I guess!

Sara said...

Hi, or the more formal, Hello, Michele sent me - to say that I really liked that poem...and I even understood it! Hey, I am getting better at enjoying poetry!

david santos said...

Hello! I passed to see your work, always very good, and to desire a good weekend

David Santos

Anonymous said...

Using Mr. Linky is a great idea, Gautami, thank you. And putting the instructions to link within is really sweet.

A beautiful poem, and for some reason, the last stanza just really stood out for me.

Anonymous said...

"thin line between practical life merges with
transient one. moat separating minds has to" is defintely the one for me, liked it very used the words so well. thanks, Gautami.

Anonymous said...

The couplets are a wonderful form. I felt like I was in the room with the woman while she cooked, listening to the music through the walls. The word "notorious" made me wonder if the musician was going to do something terrible to her. I also remember reading another of your poems where the narrator can't stand to listen to music anymore because he lost his beloved. So I'm sensing a mystery here.

Your writing keeps getting better and better, gautami.

susan said...

"pulling out loosened elastic out of pyjamas,. . ."

I read her holding on to something, not completely letting go especially since she is meticulous about the stitching. Thanks for the read.

Ramon Jose said...

interesting meme you got there. and your take isn't bad either.

little wing writer said...

loved the pace of the pictures unfolding....seemingly peaceful and accepting...there's' nothing like watching someone move forward to getcha goin..